Thanks for helping me find the love of my life. Using Gail’s recommendations, I tweaked my profile and was astounded at the increase in the number of potential partners that started to contact me! I’m now happily married!

Gary, Seattle

Love in 21 Days was given to me as a gift from a friend. It was the catalyst that got me back into the dating scene, after 5 years of staying home. For the first time in years, I feel confident about finding my mate- and it’s already showing up in the multitude of dates I have scheduled in the next two weeks! Thank you!

Donna, New York City

I was one of the guinea pigs for this course when it was in the development stages. Needless to say, it works, as I met my wife online. When you take the great advice and the encouragement along with proven techniques that work, I think you too will succeed!

Brian, San Francisco

This was an investment that has paid off already and I’m only two weeks into the course! I’ve enjoyed several great dates and been treated to some of the best restaurants in the city! This course has already paid for itself in the enjoyment I’m having, and I still have a week to completion!

Lana, Los Angeles

After completing the Love in 21 Days course, I noticed that it’s affecting all aspects of my life, not just my love life. These same principles are easily translated into my business and career too. Thanks for the great reminders and motivation!

Sam, Florida

Your course and laying out the map to become clear about who I am and who I want as a mate and why, as well as your admonition and example of speaking honestly to get straight to the heart of matters, saved so much time and emotion and I feel great. You are so beautifully supportive and encouraging…. When you write you are celebrating my success in advance my heart just leaps because I feel like added to my celebration it makes an explosion of energy into the universe.


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